About Fortepan Iowa

FORTEPAN IOWA features curated photos taken by ordinary Iowans across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The photos represent the personal, whimsical, poetic, significant, and accidentally artistic moments of everyday Iowa life. FORTEPAN IOWA is the first sister site to the Hungarian-based FORTEPAN project, which gets its name from the global brand of Hungarian photographic film and paper made from 1948 to 2000.

All FORTEPAN IOWA images are available for public download and carry a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license [View License Deed | View Legal Code]. As such, the open-source platform is meant to inspire you to engage digitally with the high-quality images. If you wish to publish any of them, please give the credit in the following format: Name of donor / FORTEPAN IOWA. If you wish to enrich the public collection, volunteer to scan images and edit documentation, or help us financially, send us an EMAIL. If you would like to help identify people or places, join the FORUM (coming soon).

FORTEPAN IOWA launched in March 2015. The project has been funded in part by a UNI Capacity Building grant, a Humanities Iowa Grant, and the UNI College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences.

Contact: fortepaniowa@uni.edu